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Hello and welcome Webmaster. Thank you for deciding to promote GBD-Reseller.com

Follow this Step-by-Step guide to earn money with our Sites.

If you DO NOT have an account with Affiliate-Cash click on the link "Register via INet Cash" to sign up as reseller for our sites. You'll then be directed to a signup form where you'll have to give your personal info such as name, address, email, desired password, payment method etc. Fill out the form and don't forget to remember your password. After submitting the form you'll get an email with your login data and your personal Sales ID you will have to use to promote the GBD-Sites and other sites with an Affiliate-Cash payment.

Login to Affiliate-Cash.de with the Partner-ID you got per email and your password you've chosen.

In category "Home" you'll see again your 10 digit Sales ID you already got per email. You'll need it for all your reseller link codes for the sites you are promoting. Use the given number or feel free to create your own Sales ID. (It's similar to the Campaign Management other programs are using.) Remember to place this ID in all your reseller link codes.

If you already have an Affiliate-Cash reseller account you DO NOT have to sign up for promoting our sites. You are registered automatically for GBD-Reseller.com with your existing Affiliate-Cash account. All you have to do is remember your Affiliate-Cash Sales ID to place it into the link codes
for our sites. Simply go on with Step 2.

REMEMBER: You don't have to sign up for Affiliate-Cash again if you already have an account with your personal Sales ID there!

AND: You do not have to sign up for every single site of GBD-Reseller.com. It is enough to register once and you will get your link codes with your
personal Sales ID for ALL our sites!

Ready with signing up?

Then simply register SEPARATELY to GBD-Reseller with your 10 digit Sales ID (or the new Sales ID you can create in the Affiliate-Cash tool) to get your personal promotional material and link codes for all the sites of GBD-Reseller.com.
You'll get access to banners in different sizes, free hosted galleries, zips and pics of the day and so on.

What are the advantages of Affiliate-Cash?

  • Top selection from many categories
  • Simple integration - links and banners already available
  • Detailed and comprehensive statistics
  • No turnover targets, set-up fees, monthly or annual fees
  • Central, fast and secure payments, 15 days following month end
  • 5% webmaster referral guaranteed automatically when another webmaster signs up for another Affiliate-Cash site directly from the site you are promoting
  • Your Sales ID is saved automatically as cookie for all Affiliate-Cash sites. So you'll get commission for all the sales a user generates as long as he visits no site with the Sales ID of another webmaster.
  • You do not get hundreds of different Sales IDs for different sites. You only get one that you'll have to add to your reseller links. (But every Affiliate-Cash site has its own Prog-ID)
  • You can easily see that your Sales IDis saved during the signup process of a customer. So cheating is not possible.

    So stop waiting and signup and earn money with our Babydolls !!!